Scottish Review: Annie Börjesson - Murder or Suicide?

Eight years ago today the body of a young Swedish woman was recovered from an Ayrshire beach. A few days later, on 7 December 2005, a local newspaper published a brief account of her death:
An area of Prestwick beach was cordoned off at the weekend after a woman's body was found washed up on the shore.
A dog walker discovered the 31-year-old woman's body about 8.30am on Sunday near to Maryborough Road.
A police investigation team quickly sealed off the area but there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding her death.
As the Post went to press the dead woman's details had not been released.
In this 72-word story there were two minor inaccuracies and potentially one major one: the dead woman was not 31 but 30 years old and her body was found not near Maryborough Road but near Grangemuir Road. But the most intriguing assumption in the report was that there were 'no suspicious circumstances' – an innuendo commonly used by the police to rule out foul play and suggest the probability of suicide.

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