How did Ayrshire vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum?

First Minister Alex Salmond campaigning in Kilmarnock.
This blog wholeheartedly supports Scottish Independence – because we see it as a stepping stone towards Ayrshire independence (just kidding!). So, which way did Ayrshire swing in the big vote?

In the Referendum, Ayrshire was divided into three electoral districts for the purpose of counting the votes. These corresponded to the three local government divisions: North Ayrshire, South Ayrshire, and East Ayrshire (West Ayrshire is of course under the sea!).

In no part of Ayrshire did the YES vote get a majority but it came closest in North Ayrshire, which voted YES by 47,072 (49%) to 49,016 (51%). Next was East Ayrshire, with 39,762 (47%) to 39,762 (53%), and finally South Ayrshire with 34,402 (42%) to 47,247 (58%). Turnout was between 84 and 86%

Overall 121,236 (46%) voted YES to independence, slightly higher than the national figure, and 140,705 (54%) voted NO.

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